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Our Mission
Orange County SEO is committed to bringing the world of search engine optimization to the small to middle business owner at an affordable cost.

How did OC SEO start?
OC SEO started with an entrepreneur who sought to understand first, the complicated algorithm of the Google search engine, and then next to understand why so many companies failed to effectively establish an online presence in Google rankings.

Why do I need an SEO Expert from OC SEO?
SEO is technically challenging and very time consuming – even for the experts. But as an amateur, it is nearly impossible to compete in all but the smallest of niche markets. The reason for this is simple. SEO is not only complicated and vast, it is also constantly evolving. This evolution takes the dedication of full time experts in order to stay on top of the latest trends and most effective strategies. If you choose to enter this endeavor as an amateur, you may be risking not your only the success of your site, but also the reputation of your business. Getting together for an after work softball game is one thing, but would you really feel comfortable taking your work softball pitcher and throwing them into the starting lineup of the New York Yankees? The example may seem a bit exaggerated, but is it? The top companies that you are competing against in your marketplace are all competing for just 10 spots on that coveted Google SERP (search engine results page) – do you think they are trying to “wing it” or perhaps have they put their best foot forward and hired out to a professional firm to manage their efforts. You can hope that it is the former, but in all likelihood it is the latter – and if you want to do more than covet that ranking, you will need to take your endeavor seriously.

How can OC SEO help my business?
A skilled OC SEO expert will work with you to achieve your goals and work within your budget. They will not be merely reactionary, but proactively suggest areas of improvement, refinement, expansion or even completely different approaches that you have, perhaps, not considered in order to help you meet your SEO objectives. You have a business to run and should not be expected to be an expert in every aspect of that business – SEO is probably the single most important area of your business that you should strongly consider outsourcing, unless you have the resources to dedicate to staffing your own internal SEO department. Even then, it would take months if not years before your internal department would be able to compete with the likes of a professional SEO service. You see it is not just a service, but also a set of contacts within the industry to proven systems for professional SEO with proven track records and history. Taking on this endeavor yourself you would be starting from ground zero and building without the confidence of past experience – what value can you put on that?

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