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SEO Testimonials & Reviews

We have chosen to provide this public forum for our clients to publish reviews and feedback about our company. It is our belief that total transparency and honest communication is the road to higher performance and successful relationships. Special thanks to the clients who have provided the following reviews about our team and services.

Click here to submit your review.

Extensive Knowledge in Google Ad Buys

Aug 1, 2014 by  Lindsay Riley
Comments: I highly recommend Ocseo!  

I run my own boutique marketing agency and I needed some help with Google Ad Buys for a client who was looking to increase sales. I was referred to Ocseo from a friend who had a very positive experience. They were incredible in many ways. Not only were they very much on top of my needs in terms of communication,, scheduling and responding to emails but Tyler is extremely well versed in Google Ad Buys and was able to help steer the brand I work with in a very positive direction that has already increased sales. I was very impressed with his ideas, experience and process. I plan to continue to work with them as my business grows. I highly recommend Ocseo!

Social Media Ninjas?

Feb 17, 2014 by  Richard Simmons
Comments: I love the fact that you guys 

I love the fact that you guys optimized my social media sites and those now show up in Google for my company name. Also it seems like all my site pages have received a big increase likes and shares. Not sure how you did this but I also have a lot more traffic coming from social sites now. My positions are increasing in both Google and Bing, and now every time I post a new article it seems to show up at least on page 1 or 2 right away. I'm going to be calling you to expand my campaign. Very happy so far. Keep it up.

Finance website

Jul 27, 2013 by  Scott OC
Comments: Happy with results 

I was soo skeptical at first, but you guys certainly knocked my socks off. It took us a while to get started since my site needed so many fixes, but once you polished it up with all your SEO fancies, it seemed to fly to the top of the rankings. I am very happy dominating my investment space. Thank you thank you thank you.

You guys nailed it

Jun 12, 2013 by  Hurley Rep
Comments: Ecommerce for the win! 

Thank you folks so much for blowing up our online store.. Before you started we didn't rank for boardshorts terms, now we dominate. Absolutely thrilled that our major product has traction in the generic keyword space. You helped us put new eyes on our brand.

Very good

Mar 15, 2013 by  Robert Hiensmick
Comments: Thanks 

I hired this company for SEO, but they ended up building me 3 websites in the process to capture more of my market. Pretty cool. The only way I could be happier is if they could have accomplished the same results with only one site. They did give me a super deal, bundling all the sites into the SEO program. Maybe I'm uneducated about what it takes to capture traffic from hundreds of keywords.. they said the industries were too different to use one site, which is why I now have 3.

So happy, thank you

Mar 2, 2013 by  Rebecca Johnson
Comments: Great team 

These guys did a remarkable job on the website they developed for our online clients. We specialize in offline marketing and we needed someone to create a powerful online presence for 7 of our 10 year clients. The team over there did a great job and now the clients are happy.

Internet Marketing Success

Dec 17, 2012 by  Todd Bersuch
Comments: Satisfied customer 

Orange County SEO has been a pleasure to work with. They made the development of my ecommerce/business website effortless and successful. They took my existing site, which had minimal visitors, and made it one of the highest ranked page for my particular trade. Tyler, along with his entire staff, are incredibly helpful, honest and experts in internet marketing. I invested in Orange County SEO and it has been highly beneficial in both my business' sales and advertising. I would highly recommend this company and look forward to continuing to do business with them.

Web Design Masters

Jun 2, 2012 by  Daren Briggs
Comments: Amazing work, really happy.  

Although I usually do not do this, I'm submitting a review because of such a great job Orange County SEO did with our website design. We had some challenges due to the type of site we wanted to build, but these guys have a staff of expert coders that were able to created exactly what we needed. We are now in business online, our site is bringing in tons of calls, and really thankful we found this company. I highly recommend.

Response: Thanks Daren, your website was a wonderful opportunity for us to step up our coding skills. We always appreciate a good business model and enjoy empowering our clients in their purpose.

Made a believer out of me

Mar 23, 2012 by  Dylan White
Comments: Phone Ringing, happy customer 

Being in the health and fitness industry for 17 years I new it was time to get away from handing out flyers and free passes. I had three bad Internet marketing experiences before finding Orange County SEO. They were affordable, responsive, and ranked my site quickly. It took a lot of hard work and traceable results to make me into a believer in SEO, so great job guys.

Response: We love working with you Dylan :) nothing makes us happier than delivering results and earning a client's trust.

Lots of product sold

Feb 23, 2012 by  Rachel Bartlow
Comments: I'm so thankful.. 

Orange County SEO was really helpful getting me started online with my boutique shop. I had so much extra inventory and didn't know how to sell it. They built me an ecommerce store and setup PPC and SEO and almost 80% of my inventory is gone! I struggled learning how to upload products but Chris and Tom helped me learn. I'm new to the online selling world so thank god I had these guys to show me the ropes. Now I'm thinking about doing another store and will definitely use Orange County SEO again. I highly recommend them to anyone. They were great to work with.

Response: Hi Rachel, thank you for your commitment to learning! It's always a pleasure to work with people who aren't afraid to try new ways of thinking about their marketing. We are standing by to help you with any future projects..

Amazing Support & Results

Jan 23, 2012 by  John Manning
Comments: Your stuff really works.. 

I'm absolutely thrilled about the results I'm getting with your SEO program.. I now have this great website and people are finding it.. We get calls everyday.. I started out wondering if this was going to work and I'm so glad it did. I'm not sure what you guys did but its working really well. Thank you so much.

Premium Client Testimonials

We have several types of client / company relationships here at Orange County SEO. The following clients are higher level, longer term relationships that involve serious commitments by all parties. We often provide enterprise level search engine optimization and other online marketing services that we can’t possibly package and price on our website because they involve so much depth and customization. These relationships cultivate over time, and involve dynamic industry engagement with more flexible, adaptive marketing strategies. Below are the notes and feedback from several of these types of clients..


Weather, Travel, Surfing Seo Services Testimonial

“We hired Orange County SEO to help our company review search marketing strategies and also set up new campaigns. Immediately, I was very impressed with the search marketing knowledge, especially organic search optimization skills that our account manager possesses. Rarely do I meet other marketing executives who understand SEO concepts at the level he does. Besides being reasonable in price, what stood out most about Orange County SEO were the results. They produced clearly organized and punctual work, and the business results of their actions were well worth the investment. I highly recommend these guys if you need to increase your sales funnel using search marketing strategies and tactics.”

George Roletter
VP of Marketing,


3d graphics software web design client testimonial

“The folks at Orange County SEO are an exceptional group of SEO specialists and Internet marketing professionals. I’ve had the pleasure of working collaboratively with them while consulting with two substantial Health and Fitness companies. Their understanding of SEM and Social Media is extraordinary. They delivered timely results as promised and was very capable of communicating the strategic opportunities available as well as cost effective solutions for realizing them. I look forward to working with them again.”

Chief Profit Officer (CPO), DAZ 3D


Landscaping, Outdoor Living & Home Improvement Search Engine Optimization Testimonial

“I have had the privilege of working with Tyler Collins from Orange County SEO for the past year. His knowledge of SEO and Internet Marketing has proven to be top notch. He employs highly sophisticated marketing strategies, and is constantly innovating and adapting to internet technology changes. He seems to stay ahead of the common knowledge of what’s changing in the search engines. Tyler’s dedication and passion for SEO and search marketing in general is proven through his continuous results. He has brought a tremendous value to our company. Tyler is a pleasure to work with and a huge part of our team. I look forward to continuing my relationship with him.”

Josh Jolly
Director of Online Marketing, EP Henry


Medical, Heath & Wellness, SEO Client Testimonial

“Orange County SEO has simply been an incredible boost to our direct to consumer website business. Innovative and truly passionate are rare traits and their seemingly unending ways to bring customers to our site has been easy to measure as our bottomline continues to grow. I give our account manager Tyler Collins my highest recommendation.”

Dr. Tim Brown
Medical Director, IntelliSkin

“We hired a dedicated SEO agent from Orange County SEO’s team.. and we are amazed by their incredible knowledge and expertise within the SEO realm. These guys are as good as I’ve seen. They have made such an impact with improving our website and web traffic that I have recommended them to several others. They are easy to work with, deliver great results, operate with high integrity, and overall great people to have on your team.”

Eric Valelly
VP of Marketing, IntelliSkin


Digital Brand Consulting, Internet Marketing Client Testimonial

“We brought Tyler on as a SEO consultant late 2011 and I have nothing but good things to say about his expertise and performance. He is an extremely knowledgeable internet marketer and he delivered great results within a short period of time. I am definitely looking forward to working with Orange County SEO on a number of other projects.”

Sergio Millas
Director of Online Marketing & Sales, Hallpass Media

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