Code of Ethics

The mission of Orange County SEO is to expand the world of search engine optimization to the small to mid-business market, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of small business owners or those in need of basic start-up search engine optimization. In Orange County SEO’s dedication to achieve such a mission, we’ve put forth a Code of Ethics to abide by to promote the distinction of our consultants and clients.

OC SEO has a S.I.I.C. set of core values that fuel our Code of Ethics:
  • Service
  • Importance of Human Relationships
  • Innovation
  • Competence

The OC SEO Code of Ethics:
  • Always think outside of the box for resolutions to lead the industry
  • Always be proactive and not reactive
  • Always serve the client business as if it were your own
  • Always treat each other with respect and appreciation
  • Always take pride in work completed and services provided
  • Always maintain professionalism to co-worker and clients
  • Always provide a value-add to each client’s business
  • Always return and address communications in a timely and honest manner

These are our code of ethics that we use from day to day operations. Orange County SEO strives to equip all consultants with the means to provide our clients with the highest level of service in the industry as well as promote a positive work environment for staff and clients.

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