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Online SEO training in its finest form. Study this 9-part video series from our recent SEO class workshop where Tyler Collins, a well-established digital marketing expert reveals Google ranking factors, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird optimization secrets, link building strategies, social media considerations, and everything you need to know about website optimization for top positions in the major search engines.

SEO Video 1 - Seminar Intro
SEO Seminar (1 of 9) - Intro & Mindset for SEO & Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization has changed again! Start with this video to learn SEO online and leap ahead of the industry with cutting-edge knowledge and strategy designed to help you dominate top rankings in competitive industries.

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SEO Video 2 - Google Ranking Factors
SEO Seminar (2 of 9) - Does Your Content Deserve to Rank in Google?

Learn how search engines work so you can understand the logical mechanics behind the world's most robust machine learning software. Understand the goals of search engines so you can strategically control your rankings.

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SEO Video 3 - On-page Technology
SEO Seminar (3 of 9) - On-page SEO Technology Ranking Factors

On-page SEO - Website technology factors that govern how well your website performs in search, and how these elements can positively influence how visitors experience your website. These crucial factors must be addressed.

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SEO Video 4 - On-page SEO User Metrics
SEO Seminar (4 of 9) - On-Page SEO User Metrics CTR, TOS, BR

User-metrics (visitor experience) are very important for search engine rankings. Learn what user signals the search engines are considering and how they impact search placement and what you can do to improve them.

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SEO Video 5 - On-page SEO Content
SEO Seminar (5 of 9) - OnPage SEO Content Quality, Relevance, Proof

Content is still king - but you must know what is considered "quality" content, and how semantic relevance, use of images, ads, and creating proof matters for gaining the attention of Google and other search engines.

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SEO Video 6 - Creating Perfect Content
SEO Seminar (6 of 9) - How To Create Perfect SEO Content For Google

10 Step Process - a clear cut path to creating high performing content that gets rewarded by search engines and devoured by visitors. Watch this video and take notes on how to create perfect content for Google.

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SEO Video 7 - Off-page Factors
SEO Seminar (7 of 9) - Off-page SEO Ranking Factors & Link Building

Learn what off-site (off-page) ranking factors are important, how Google analyzes inbound signals pointing to your domain, and what link building strategies you can deploy for increasing your website's authority and trust.

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SEO Video 8 - Social Signals
SEO Seminar (8 of 9) - Advanced Social Signals as SEO Ranking Factors

Social media is a booming viral environment that you can and should capitalize on for SEO. Yes, social media can be a powerhouse of ranking value for your website if you understand exactly how it works and what to do.

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SEO Video 9 - Brand Factor
SEO Seminar (9 of 9) - The Brand Factor & How Google Rewards Brands

Branding is a very important, and crucial component to getting the most out of your website. Watch this video to understand more about the "Brand Factor" and how Google is giving away top rankings to verified brands.

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